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Updated: Apr 17, 2020

It's necessary to understand the importance of following a right methodology to execute creative Film projects for corporates.

There are quite a few challenges that a Video Production Company or a Creative Agency will face in their interaction with Brands.

Ten Motion Arts - We ideate, script, shoot, edit and deliver corporate, fiction, documentaries, motion graphic films

'Something which might be creative for you might not be creative for a person X, at the same time it may be super creative for his/her boss Y.'

One way of doing things right is by being transparent and by motivating the client to be involved in all the stages of corporate film production - Pre production, production and post production.

Let's understand the methodology that of the client handing and film execution at Ten Motion Pictures / Ten Motion Arts.

Client: Trident Group Public Limited

Requirement: 4 - 5 min Paper Corp Video for their upcoming Expo at New Delhi

Shoot and Delivery: October / November 2019

Delivery Timeline: Within 25 days from the day of Purchase Order

Deliverable from Ten Motion Arts: Requested 5 min film. We went ahead and delivered 5 short films under 60 sec for their social media and linkedin pages without any extra cost.

Company: Ten Motion Pictures / Ten Motion Arts

Our Five Commandments to successfully execute Projects at Ten Motion Arts.

1. Do Research

2. Understand

3. Share Inputs

4. Be Transparent

5. Maintain Discipline

Once a client sends us a requirement, this is our Flowchart to execute the project at Ten Motion Arts / Ten Motion Pictures

1. Probe the client to understand requirement and the Target Audience.

2. Ideate and share. The What, Why and How of the story.

3. Share script and timeline.

4. Recce to identify locations, hire talents and Share

5. Storyboard and share - Get Approval

6. Get final approvals

7. Shoot

8. Edit Raw cut and share

9. Incorporate suggestions if any

10. Final Delivery

Softwares that we use

1. Final Draft 11 for Script

2. EP schedular for schedules and props

3. Ten Motion designed Call sheet

4. Premier Pro and Final Cut Pro X - Apple

5. DaVinci Resolve 16

6. We transfer :p for transferring and receiving data to and from the client

Preferred Camera

1. Red Helium

2. As per client budget adjustments are made in the quality and make of camera.

Let's cover the above points through the help of a few documents that were used in our project execution for Trident Group.

Step 1: Probe the Client to understand the requirement.

In fact, we had some 34 mails exchanges with our counterpart from client brand team.

2. Ideate and share. The What, Why and How of the story.

The process of ideating and brainstorming at Ten Motion Arts / Ten Motion Pictures

3. Share the SCRIPT and the TIMELINE - Get Approval

We ideated and presented ppts with similar looking videos for the client to understand the theme.

4. Recce to identify locations, hire talents and Share

This is an important step. You always want the area to be neatly presented. Also, the breakdown of script vis-a-vis shots selected gives good idea to the internal team and client on what are the infrastructure that will be shot.

5. Storyboard and share - Get Approval

Make storyboard wherever possible. It sets the expectations and saves lot of time later during edit.

6. Get final approvals - Point of No Return

Before proceeding on shoot, present and share the right picture with the internal team and client.

7. Shoot, shoot & shoot.

The team at Ten Motion Arts / Ten Motion Pictures shot at 5 Locations. In Barnala (the manufacturing unit), Ludhiana (Corporate office), New Delhi, Mumbai (Studio) and Mumbai (forest and sea shots).

8. Edit Raw / First Cut and Share

Share the first cut with clients without music. Put an Voiceover and ask the client to verify the information, not the vanity.

9. Incorporate suggestions if any.

10. Final Delivery

Proudly deliver and close the project with a film that you, your team and the client will be proud of.

Write to us at or call us at + 91 9980825362 to discuss your requirement with us right away.

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