Why a Business should consider to communicate through Motion Graphics Videos?

So you may be a start up or a big brand and you want to communicate to your Target Audience in the most effective way.

I assume that as a Brand you already know that Motion Graphics / Animated videos are the best solution when you want your communication to be precise and to the point to your Digital Audience.

What I want to share here are a few points from the business only perspective (and not creative) for this post.

After all the calls and filtering, you hire the best #MotionGraphics video making company or one of the best Product video making company in the town. In all probability they will have the right creative and a technical team to execute the project, just like we at Ten Motion Pictures (Parent company Ten Motion Arts Pvt Ltd), Bangalore do.

Interestingly, when you do not shoot and your complete work happens in Studio (Story boarding + Voice over + Animation and Editing), as a client you get more control on the output.

Although a client shouldn't interfere in the creative process after the final go ahead, yet more often than not clients do come up with last min 'creative changes' and 'approvals' :)

We understand that, it's challenging to have the clients on the same page when we visualise our concepts (it's like sky gazing) until we get on to story board to give fair idea to the client on final delivery, which most of the film making company may not do to save the cost.

By the way, as one of the best #ProductVideo making company in Bangalore, we do take our pre production process as the foremost step which includes multiple discussion, coming up with or improving on the concept, story boarding, planning and scheduling.

Now, until and unless there is the requirement in the concept or the budget permits, we do not shoot for a Product Explainer Motion Graphics video.

It's needless to say, when we do not shoot, the cost of the revisions and ultimately the videos is more contained. We save cost and time to deliver.

Not only you have more control on taking the final call on creatives, but more or less the revisions are easy to be taken up if required.

Now some statistics.

1. Did you know that every 60 sec around 700 video clips are posted on Twitter?

2. During the same 60 sec, #YouTube users manage to upload over 100 hours of video content to the site.

3. Research has shown that 70% of customers prefer to watch animated videos and the chance that a customer will buy a product after watching one. This is 85% greater than with traditional advertising methods.

4. Moreover, animated videos also help you to increase the conversion rate by 80% and they register a 41% higher click-through rate.

5. Additionally, 59% of company executives love to watch a video rather than read text and even 39% percent of decision-makers contact a salesperson after watching video content.

6. It's also worthwhile to know that visitors extend their stay on the website by an average of two minutes if the explainer video is included.

7. You are 53X more likely to appear on page one of Google search results if your website includes video content.

8. The use of video clips in an email marketing can increase reader response but as much as 300% just one minute of video content is equivalent to 1.8 million written words

The time is right! Reach more of the audience on Digital Platforms.

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